Barceloneta is a beautiful city steeped in history and tradition. Fondly known as “la ciudad le Las pinas” which translates as “Pineapple City” it is particularly well known for the vast number of pineapple plantations that surround much of the city perimeter.
Each year Barceloneta comes to life when locals celebrate the Patron Saint Festivals in the towns and cities across the island. This is an opportunity to show respect for, and honour the Patron Saint of each local area. A stunning procession will pass through each area and within the town square revellers will enjoy, music, performances, food and games. They call these festivals “fiestas patronales”.

Within Barceloneta is the Museum and Electronic Library which was once the home of local legend, boxer Sixto Escobar. The museum is open to visitors daily from 10am – 9pm Monday to Thursday, and also from 830am- 430pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Sixto discovered he had a talent for boxing at an early age. By the time he was seventeen he had already begun a professional career in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Following a gruelling 12 round defeat at the Venezuelan Bantamweight championships he went on to beat Mexican boxer Baby Casanova and became a national hero. As the first championship boxer to be born and bred in Puerto Rico. He retained this honour for 30 years until the Junior Welterweight title was claimed by Carlos Ortiz. Sixto died in 1979 and in his memory a statue was erected in Barceloneta, this was a huge honour for a boxing champion. The statue was later removed following a controversial incident and replaced with a park. But in 1995 Sixto was to be honoured again with a new statue at the San Juan Sixto Escobar Stadium.

For lovers of the great outdoors Barceloneta is home to the amazing Cambalache forests. A stunning natural area rich in diverse vegetation. The area benefits from two different soil types, limestone soil and red-clay alluvial loam soil. It is this unique combination that encourages distinct variances in the vegetation that grows there. From the abundant hillsides to the valleys and narrow bottomlands this is a sight not to be missed. Barceloneta has so much to offer why not spend some quality time exploring this beautiful area.